Drop in Hockey takes place at various times and dates depending on the skaters age bracket. Please check the calendar for the time slot that fits your needs.

High School Drop In Hockey sessions (ages 13-18 yrs of age) run from late March through Mid October. No one over 18 years of age and our of High School is allowed to attend Adult Drop in Hockey.  

Adult Drop In Hockey sessions (18 yrs of age & older) are offered on Thursdays daytime through the end of August only and on Friday evenings all year. The Thursday daytime will be discontinued in September due to lack of attendance the past year.  No one under the age of 18 is allowed on any Adult Drop In Session.

Admission for all Drop In Hockey Sessions is $10.00. - FULL EQUIPMENT IS REQUIRED - no exceptions.

Please check our calendar for any Drop In Hockey that may be canceled or time adjusted due to special events.